EBS fully understands the importance of complying to all National and Venue rules and regulations with regard to the installation of electrics, and ensuring that all Compliance certificates are given timeously to the client. Each exhibition contracted to EBS will have a full time, standby qualified electrician on site to manage any problems that may arise. Our electrical component comprised of; Full management of all lighting and electrical requirements, event or convention. Supply and installation of Distribution Boards Energy saving lighting options Designer light fittings Specialised Lighting.

E1 - 50watt long arm spot.

E2 - 50 watt Birdie Parcan 

E3 - 1000 watt (Black/Silver)Parcan

E4 - 300 watt (Black/Silver)Parcan

E5 - 300 watt short Parcan

E6 - 50 Watt Tilt Downlight

E7 - 50 Watt Downlight

E8 - 150 watt spot

E9 - 150 watt double spotlight

E10 - 2 x 36 watt energy saving floodlight

E11 - Double Tube Flourescent Lighting

E12 - Fluorescent Suspended Lighting

E13 - Single phase distribution board

E14 - Plug

E15 - Emergency Exit Signage

E16 - Emergency Exit Light